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NapApp Kids

4.8 ( 8128 ratings )
Musik Gesundheit und Fitness
Entwickler Pirjo Huttunen

Why to use this application?

- it improves child’s concentration
- better concentration improves learning
- developing imagination makes children more creative
- it is important to know how to relax in the modern world full of stimuli
- it helps children to fall asleep
- it builds child’s confidence
- it helps to keep children mentally balanced
- it develops your child’s self esteem
- relaxation is fun!

The ability to relax and unwind is natural for children. You can treasure this skill by giving children a moment of peace and quiet just by themselves.

This application is meant for moments like that. Stories written in a form of a fairy tale will help children to focus and unwind using their own imagination. The stories have elements that relax and build up child’s own confidence and concentration.

The stories are intentionally simple and the use of sound effects is minimal in order to give more room for child’s own imagination.

This application can also be used in schools and kindergartens for relaxation, as a little story time or before a task that needs concentration.

Also children can benefit from mindfulness skills. Ability to calm your mind and observe and accept your own experiences can help you to handle your feelings and control your attentiveness.

Do not listen while driving. NapApp Kids is not responsible for any accidents that have accused during the use of this application.

Feedback on this application

“Also children need some time and guidance for relaxation and calming down in the flow of all the noise and stimuli we are experiencing nowadays. These stories will help children to relax. Just close your eyes and let peacefulness to come to you.”
*Marena Ahonen, kindergarten teacher.

”After listening to one of the stories our daughter wants to hear it every night. We have been listening to this story in her bedroom already for many many years.”

“A restless child will not calm down when asked to but with this application he will and at the same time also our teenager fell asleep.”

“At first I bought these stories on a CD but I forgot it in my briefcase at my office. So I started our next board meeting by letting everybody listen to it. After seven minutes of relaxation our meeting was amazingly efficient.”

“This application has made many family road trips so much easier.”

“I am using this application in children’s group meetings. We usually start the meeting with one story and end it with another. The children love them and they already ask for them when they are feeling restless.”